COVID-19 & Your 'A' Team


** The 'A' Team in addition to any CDC, Federal, State, Local or Facility regulations & guidelines, will be fully enforced during any class.  Your compliance during these unprecedented times is appreciated.


Update (Part 2) - Monday, August 31st, 2020

Even more news?!  Why yes!  In a place so familiar to us from giving us a place for First Friday Country Line Dance nights and sharing the same home as our newly found studio space, we are so happy to be announcing a Wednesday Night traditional class night within Via/Port at Via Entertainment from 6-8pm, weekly on Wednesdays, starting September 9th!  

Rich & Ang, both from Via Entertainment, have yet again open their 2,500 sq ft beautiful space for Line Dancers to get their weekly workout in.  As time progresses and original Wednesday class location, Chieftans in Cobleskill, completes their renovations – we will adapt with both spaces and make sure we keep both new and old traditions alive for ‘A’ Team Line Dancers.

The large space at Via will allow for an even safer environment to get your dance workout in – in addition to yourself, those around you, the venue, CDC and additional ‘A’ Team regulations and guidelines to be strictly followed.  Dance is from 6-8pm: with a beginner lesson at 6:15, a Improver/Intermediate lesson at 6:45 followed by a mix of open dances until 8pm for the standard $7 cover, payable at the door.  Join our private Facebook group, “Aaron’s ‘A’ Team of Line Dancers!” for more information and continued updates!


Update (Part 1) - Monday, August 31st, 2020

To say this year has been one of adaptation and change would be a far understatement.  What was, and still is a dream, to find my own dance space for me and my dance company Aaron’s ‘A’ Team of Line Dancers seemed to turn into a necessity with growing to nearly 400 dancers in the 8 months of the now 14 months I began my journey into an Instructor role.  Added COVID regulations closing all of my dance bars & venues for dancing seemed to just exacerbate the issue.

Well, after a couple of months of thinking ‘how, what, and where,’ with no warning and having this fall into my lap (an apparent sign of someone thinking about me), that dream is now a reality.  Now that the details are finalized and everything is set in stone, I’m so blessed & excited to share the the ‘A’ Team has found a new ‘home’ - that being 5,564 sq.ft. of beautiful floating wood floor private dance/fitness studio space!

Since I will be now under the latest fitness/studio/gym rules, dance sessions will now begin next week!  I am pleased to be offering a Tuesday Night program - offering the many who have asked about private, 12-person or less, smaller, more private group setting to learn Line Dance without the undo pressure many feel around a big group - especially with dancers with a multitude of experience.  With added regulation, 12 people spaced over 5,500+ sq ft of floor will allow for *WAY more than 6 feet of social distancing for those to get those feet moving!

This *Weekly Tuesday Night program will consist of two 1.5 hour sessions, 12* person per session max: 7-8:30pm will be a basic beginner program to get comfortable and acquainted to line dance to get ready to take the leap into higher level dances.  The 8:30-10 session will be for High Intermediate/Advanced Dancers; those with a plethora of experience to dance those fun, quick, harder-level dances & continued learning.  

 P.S. - All CDC, State, Facility & my own ‘A’ Team rules & guidelines are to be strictly followed.  **PRE-REGISTRATION is required & can be completed by visiting this siteand navigating to the ‘Events’ tab that will drop down a bar for a ‘Registration’ option.  Simply navigate to your session & ‘RSVP’ (Visit our website for further details & cost)

Feel so incredibly lucky to be the only one presented this opportunity to start back the physical & mental fitness of Line Dance back to Upstate New York!  Looking forward to reacquainting with my dancers once again.

With Love,
- Aaron Dritz
Founder & Lead Instructor


Update - Sunday, June 14th, 2020

Hey guys & gals!  Aaron here & I have some exciting news to share you might have been waiting to hear... I am hopeful and planning for a TENTATIVE return back to ALL normal line dance fun in the coming 3 weeks! 

Here’s where we stand: With the exception of our Cobleskill class, where that area Opened to Phase 3 on Friday 6/12, the rest our classes/event locations enter Phase 3 this Weds 6/17.  Line Dancing, in our application in which & where we dance and have events is considered to be Phase 4, categorized under ‘Live Entertainment.’ To successfully reach Phase 4, we must complete two weeks of Phase 3 with good ‘stats’ regarding Covid-19 in the area.  SHOULD WE CONTINUE TO PROGRESS IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION, the Two Week period for Phase 3 where we could transition into Phase 4 would complete for our Cobleskill class area on Fri 6/26 and for our other Capital Region area events/classes on Weds 7/1.

With this in mind... we are TENTATIVE planning for a launch back into regular Line Dancing beginning the week of Monday, July 6th following the Holiday Weekend!  At that time, my hope is to resume all of the 4 regular classes: Mondays at Margarita City, Tuesdays at Frog Alley Brewing, Wednesdays at Chieftans & Thursdays at Soundbar Saratoga.  

We are working to determine the status of some of our auxiliary events such as Rodeo dance nights at Double M & First Friday Country Nights at Via Entertainment in the former Rotterdam Mall and how/if soon we can have these events!  The camping trip will be rescheduled to a new date and the fundraiser/benefit has been moved to Late July!

With this news, ’LIVE’ Facebook Dance Lessons will continue through the end of June, where upon their conclusion I will be spending that time getting ready for this relaunch into regular Line Dance Operations!

Be Mindful: There will be some kind of a new normal we will have to accept so please be patient as myself & the rest of ‘A’ Team Instructors & Teachers adapt to these new times with you all!

*PLEASE - Continue to check our website and social media for continued updates and check back to our ‘Events’ page for changes, updates and rescheduled events and be on the lookout for some new ones as well 😊  While ALL is tentative in moving forward to back to some kind of ‘normal,’ I am ecstatic beyond belief with the thought of being back on the floor with all of our dance families & friends!

- Aaron Dritz
Founder & Lead Instructor