Friday, January 7th, 2022


     We have news to kick off your weekend on the right.... boot!  After several weeks of evaluation & picking an option giving a little more than 2 weeks from holiday gathering and coming closer to entering a more downward trend of the current health crisis that is apparent around us, we have decided to put a concrete date to the week of the reopening of "Aaron's 'A' Team" after this much anticipated Holiday Recess.  

    Dust off your dancing boots, as dancing returns in less than 10 days during the week of January 16th!  We return with a full offering of classes in our normal locations PLUS a *bonus* Open/Social dance on Saturday the 22nd at 8pm with its details TBA soon!  

Stay safe,

- Aaron Dritz
(518) 410.6572



Monday, January 3rd, 2022

Good Afternoon,

     We hope you had a great holiday season and are looking for more fun, and dancing – of course, in 2022!  We are providing our first update now into the New Year about how things look so far with a return to dance in terms of timing and how it will look.  As many know, on New Years Eve, the governor’s office has extended the mask for all or vaccine only admission mandates through February 1st – compared to an originally scheduled January 15th. 


     As we are all seeing, Covid has become a very apparent problem around our local community, state & many other locations in the country.  Being a business owner during this time has been exhausting & difficult, to say the least.  I see and understand both sides of the fence – where gathering in any capacity, to some, isn’t something many are looking to do and the other side – where dance has been an outlet and time of positivity & something to look forward to during the current times.  I feel for both sides as I understand both. 

    At this point, my current plan is this: Pending if things appear to slow down, although it seems to be that they’re going to ramp up over the coming month, if by next Friday the 14th things seem to slow down among the Covid chatter & data being shared – I will plan for a return for classes starting the immediate week of January 16th.  If this does occur, during the remainder of the month of January – should classes return, they will unfortunately have to be mask required per the current state mandates as I or the staff at all class locations will not have the manpower to check vaccination status.  HOWEVER - If things seem to track the way they have been with no improvement or get worse, we will continue our extended holiday break through the mandate – set to expire Tuesday, February 1st.  As noted prior, this break should it continue, will continue & end alongside the mandate period.  This means – should the mandate be extended again, it will, sadly, continue until the rules are lifted.  Should the mandate be set to lift on Tuesday, February 1st – the normal class schedule will resume immediate with Frog Alley dance class on that evening. 


     In the meantime? You can head over to our website and practice your Line Dances at home or wherever you can dance by clicking the ‘Line Dances’ page on!  I miss everyone and the mental joy that is brought with all of us together on the dance floor.  If you have any questions, please reach out.  Just remember, we will most definitely “bring it right back” (Shivers – Ed Sheeran) to Frog Alley and all the other dance floors upon the conclusion of break.


Thank you for your understanding & stay safe,

- Aaron Dritz
(518) 410.6572



FROM: Aaron Dritz – “Aaron’s ‘A’ Team of Line Dancers”
TO: Our dance family, friends, supporters, partners & beyond
DATE: Friday, December 10, 2021
SUBJECT: Temporary Dance Closure to follow newly, reinstated mask mandates

As a continuously growing, successful Line Dance instructor in a pattern of national recognition and small, local business owner in the Capital District, it is with deep emotions wrapped up in strong disheartened feelings that I must share that Aaron’s ‘A’ Team of Line Dancers will close its doors to all dance floors starting Monday, December 13th of 2021 through Saturday, January 15th in 2022.  This is pending the reinstated masks mandates remain lifted on January 15th.  


On Friday, December 10th, the governor announced the return of the mask mandate & according requirements.  As understood, regarding any indoor public setting, unless the venue/host makes the premise a vaccine only enter/admission – masks must be worn by all in any capacity.  There are several pieces of undo damage to small business owners in settings like mine that gives us no choice but to close our doors:

While I have been personally affected & see that the world has its serious problems and concerns, I will not subject my staff & myself to be the ‘vaccine police.’  We have seen what people in the entertainment, arts, and customer-facing fields have already been put through over the past years, we have seen through our media with groups, such as TSA workers, being physically hurt and verbally berated for following requirements of our government to mandate masks.  In a world that is already high strung & out of control, especially with the onset of the last 2 years, we will not be put in a position to ask for vaccine proof – it is not our position to be made to look at your personal medical choices.  

With no interest in examining & getting into it with the population over their vaccination status, it would leave us only option: to continue with dance with masks.  From September 2020 through June of 2021, for 9 months, we danced tirelessly with masks on.  I had to watch more students become ill from the high cardio impact of dance mixing with having obstruction of natural air to breathe in during dance – I personally had one student who had to leave the room and not return for the remainder of their class because they’re face became bright red before turning pale and becoming lightheaded & numb, nearly passing out.  As an instructor, having high energy and having to verbally instruct dance steps during this period of sweat & high cardio, I cannot keep stopping instruction to take the mask from distorting into my mouth or trying to get some clean, deep breathes of air while I’m trying to lead a class over 2-3 hours of intense cardio.

Just these two instances alone along with facing $1,000 fines for individuals and continued penalties to business for those that don’t abide by the new mandates, it has left us no choice but to close our doors until any additional restrictions are lifted as these fines alone would permanently close our doors.  It is purely unfair of us to have to feel ‘big brother’ watching us at class as staff and students and limits from the most important thing of dance; which is letting go and losing yourself in the steps of music.  Although this mask mandate is set to expire January 15th, meaning we would return to classes starting Tuesday January 18th, should the state choose to extend these mandates will mean our closure will extend accordingly.


What does this temporary closure mean?  This means all weekly classes (Frog Alley, Chieftans – Cobleskil, SideDoor Café & Boars Nest) will be temporarily paused during this time in addition to any auxiliary events; including our Holiday Dance Party & Saturday Dance Social in Nassau will be rescheduled in conjunction to our reopening with the finale of these new mandates.  Keep in mind – we were scheduled for Holiday Break starting December 19th through January 3rd, meaning with this new closure, Frog Alley, Cobleskill & Boars Nest Classes are only missing 1 class through 2021 and two for 2022 while the SideDoor Café Dancers are only missing 1 Class through the mandate period closure.  


We are so saddened and will miss our dancers during the holiday season & New Year kickoff.  Aside from hoping you can stay physically safe & healthy during these times, we sympathize & have you in our thoughts in some of the ulterior damages – including our mental psyche that is stimulated beyond words when we share moments together on the dance floor that we will not have for this little bit of time.  Your understanding & support is so important to us in keeping us the strong dance family that we are!

Happy Holidays,

- Aaron Dritz
Founder & Director 
(518) 410-6572
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