Find out about the 'A' Team's offering below!

What services are offered by the 'A' Team?

We're glad you asked!  Currently, Aaron provides these services:

  • Country Themed / Line Dance DJ Services

  • Line Dance Instruction

  • Line Dance Classes

  • ALL Line Dance related Events

These services are currently offered in the following capacities:

  • Parties - Private / Special Events

  • Parties - Corporate Parties

  • Fundraisers

  • Weddings

  • Shows / Performances / 'Exhibitions'

My event is on carpet/rug.  Can we still dance?

While you can dance on carpet/rug, it does make for footwork to be a lot harder - especially in turning, which most dances do.  Additionally, it makes for dancing to have much more wear on your feet.

Please contact Aaron through the 'Contact Us' page and let him know in your inquiry that your event will be on carpeting/rug.  All cases/scenarios will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  

Can events be inside or outdoors?

Both!  The 'A' Team is adaptable to many kinds of scenarios.  Reach to Aaron in your inquiry about your specific event details.

Where and how do I book the 'A' Team?  How much does a service from the 'A' Team cost?

Please reach out by navigating to the 'Contact Us' page and reaching out directly to Aaron by phone and/or email.


Get your basic questions answered below!

What Line Dance Classes are offered?

Great question!  Currently, we offer 4 weekly classes.  Mondays are held at Margarita City Mexican Bar & Grill in Albany, Tuesdays are held at Frog Alley Brewing in Schenectady, Wednesdays are held at Chieftans Restaurant & Bar in Cobleskill & weekly classes are wrapped up Thursdays with our Soundbar Saratoga location in the heart of the town on Caroline Street!

How much do the classes run? And what time do they run?

Classes are very cost-effective, being offered between $5-$7 weekly; payable at the door of each venue.  All weekly classes start at 7pm and conclude at 9pm.

Alright... I'm brand new to Line Dancing and never danced before.  Which class is the best route to go?

We were there at that point, too!  While all classes do offer instruction/lessons for all levels, for a smaller, more intimate setting of learning we recommend taking the Monday evening class at Margarita City.  For a mid week break with your friends & having even MORE fun, we strongly recommend the Frog Alley & Cobleskill class on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, respectively!  They offer a big crowd (Usually 100+ at Frog Alley & 60 or more in Cobleskill) that allows for learning with all of your friends in a very high-energy environment!

Okay... I'm ready for a challenge and to learn harder dances or am coming into the fun as an experienced dancer.  Where should I go?

Excellent!  While all classes offer Imrpover-Level (The perfect transition out of beginner into harder dance) lessons, we recommend you check out our Thursday class in Downtown Saratoga at Soundbar on Caroline Street!  This class is historically known as our Intermediate & Advanced class with experienced dancers & harder dances.

How do classes run?

Classes typically carry two lessons a week; One beginner lesson and one Improver lesson meant for everyone to try!  We teach the same lessons over a two week period to allow for maximum learning and for everyone to get the lesson - in case you miss a week!

In between? We have open dance - where we play many songs including previously learned dances & any requests!  

... and of course: we can't forget all the laughter and fun throughout the night!

Who instructs/teaches each class?

We're glad you asked!  Aaron Dritz, Founder & Lead Instructor, is found at most classes!  We are lucky to have two such incredible instructors with a plethora of dance knowledge:

Tony Riccio you will find as Aaron's right hand man and in attendance at all events.  Where you will see Tony most is co-leading and instructing the Frog Alley Brewing Tuesday night program with Aaron.

Kathlyn McCarthy is an incredible Instructor with so much talent and you can catch her co-leading & instructing the Wednesday night fun in Cobleskill.

On the dance floor at ALL events? You can catch any one of our FIVE teachers that will help you on the floor through each lesson being taught: Allison, Brian, Brody, Mike and Nicki!  

Where can we practice & dance these AWESOME lessons?

Easy!  The 'A' Team hosts several Friday Night & Saturday Night 'Open Dance' events throughout the summer where you can dust off those boots & enjoy those dances in an even more relaxed, fun environment!

Does the 'A' Team provide any private lessons?

We get asked this question a lot!  With classes running Monday-Thursday and dance events running typically every Friday & Saturday, it hasn't left time to explore into private instruction.  However, your 'A' Team loves something new - so head over to our 'Contact Us' page and reach out to Aaron for your inquiry!

Where can I get more details on the lessons I've learned and when classes & events are held?

Right here on our website!  Click the 'Events' page for all things Line Dance that are going on.  Navigate to the 'Line Dances' Page where you will find a list of lessons currently being taught and past dances taught previously if you need a review!  All links bring you to a step sheet that will list the steps out formally and will carry video links of instructional & demonstration videos to watch to aid in your learning!

How do I contact Aaron and the 'A' Team?

Reach out by heading over to the 'Contact Us' section and sending us an email or contacting Aaron by phone.